I am from there. And I have memories. 

I was born like all people are born. 

I have a mother. And a house with many windows. 

I have brothers. Friends. A prison cell with a cold window.

And I have a wave snatched by gulls.

I have a view of my own. I have an extra blade of grass.

I have a moon beyond words. And the sustenance of birds.

An eternal olive tree.

I walked the earth before the crossing of swords turned its body

into a banquet. 

I am from there. I return the sky to its mother when she cries

for her mother. 

And I cry so that a returning cloud may know me.

I have learned all the words worthy of a trial by blood

so that I may break the rule.

I have learned all the words and broken them to make a single word:



Mahmoud Darwish