the point of exclusion


"It is easy to show that, say, the subdivision of the people who live in a country into 'full' citizens and temporary immigrant workers privileges 'full' citizens and excludes immigrants from the public space proper -- in the same way in which man and woman are not two species of a neutral universal genus of humanity, since the content of the genus as such involves some mode of 'repression' of the feminine; much more productive, theoretically as well as politically -- since it opens up the way for the 'progressive' subverting of hegemony -- is the opposite operation of identifying universality with the point of exclusion, in our case, of saying 'we are all immigrant workers'. In a hierarchically structured society, the measure of its true universality resides in the way its parts relate to those 'at the bottom', excluded by and from all others." 

Slavoj Žižek, "Multiculturalism, Or, the Cultural Logic of Multinational Capitalism"